Artist Statement

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For many years now one of my goals has been to capture on film nature's myriad different colors and moods.  This is by definition a never-ending task as I am continually finding new images I want to capture.  In order to create memorable images I strive to find the decisive moment that best represents the color and mood I want to record.  My favorite time to photograph is the "magic hour" before and after sunrise and sunset when the light can be very dramatic.  However some colors and moods are best captured at other times of day.

Nature has always fascinated me.  The closer I look the more I realize how little I know.  Some of nature's designs can be explained scientifically, but I find it more rewarding to find designs that resonate emotionally.  For me it is more important to feel connected to nature rather than understand why and how.  Color, texture, patterns and design are all musicians that pull at the strings of our emotions.

While most graphic arts start with a blank canvas, photography is the exact opposite.  A photographer's greatest challenge is to create order out of chaos.  Often what is left out of an image is just as important as what is included.  I strive to create images that are graphically bold and simple, as well as emotionally moving, creating a bond between the subject and the viewer.  I also enjoy using the visual impact of color in relation to all of our senses.  I hope these images reveal the astonishing beauty and patterns that are often overlooked in the natural world.


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