All of the images on this web site are available for purchase as fine art prints.  All fine art prints are available as metal or lightjet prints.  Metal prints are created by infusing dyes into specially coated aluminum sheets.   Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, images take on an almost magical luminescence which is so durable they are rated to have an archival life of 100 - 200 years.   Lightjet prints are printed using a lightjet machine and premium Fujiflex photographic paper which is known for its long archival life, vibrant colors and high glossy finish.  The lightjet machine reads a digital file of the image and exposes photographic paper with a laser beam.  The photographic paper is then processed to produce a truly extraordinary print with an archival life which is estimated to be at least 60 years.  Fujiflex paper has incredible depth and highly saturated colors. All prints are signed by the artist and lightjet prints 16 X 20 and larger are mounted on sentra to eliminate any waving.  Prints are available separately, matted or matted and framed.  Mats are acid-free museum quality paper.  Frames include UV-coated glass which filters out 98% of ultraviolet light, protecting prints from potentially harmful sunlight.  The standard frame colors are frosted walnut and mat black. Premium frames are also available upon request.

If you are interested in purchasing a fine art print, please send an e-mail to quoting the image reference number, print size and type of print, i.e. metal or lightjet.  If you are not completely satisfied with your fine art print, we will refund the purchase price less shipping cost.  The current price list for fine art prints is as follows.  Shipping cost in the continental US is $10 for matted prints or metal prints.  For framed prints please inquire for shipping cost.  Home consultation and shipping is free within the greater Seattle area. 





12 x 18


16 x 24 $300
20 x 30 $450
24 x 36 $650
30 x 40 $900
30 x 45 $1,000
40 x 60 $1,500


Print Size

Image Size

Print Only Frame / Mat Size  Print with Mat Standard Frame with Mat &  Glass Premium Frame with Mat &  Glass
(inches) (inches) Price (inches) Price Price Price
8 X 12 8 X 12


12 X 16




11 X 14 10 X 14 $70.00 16 X 20 $80.00 $150.00 $200.00
16 X 20 13 X 20 $125.00 20 X 26 $150.00 $275.00 $325.00
20 X 24 16 X 24 $250.00 24 X 32 $275.00 $400.00 $450.00
20 X 30 20 X 30 $360.00 30 X 40 $400.00 $500.00 $575.00
24 X 30 22 X 30 $390.00 32 X 40 $425.00 $525.00 $600.00

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